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Coco is going to make some friends today. My boyfriends brothers 3 labs. (2 yellows and chocolate I believe) Hoping to get some pics of the 4 playing together if the weather permits.
Charlie must stay home in the ken-ken as he is not other doggie friendly. (thus why he is seeking cyber friends….lol)  
Pictures Coming Soon…………..

I have a dog who believes she is human. She hung out with the HUMANS all night and would not play with the labs!! LOL! SO….It looks as though we will have no pictures of labbies playing. We did have a blast and she played unlimted amounts of frisbee. She is very sleepy and Charlie is happy to have the family home.

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Charlie’s Story

I wish I could say how his life begin, before us. I wish I even had an idea. I thought about finding his breeder at one point, but then I thought "Whats the point? They were a BYB that did not care where he ended up or what happened to him."
It was a pure stroke of luck, that he became ours. I have no absolute doubt in my mind he wouldn't be alive if he was not a part of our family.
It was friday night. I was working when the phone rang and it was my long time friend, he was actually the same friend who had blessed us with our sweet Coco too. He had reccently gotten a boxer puppy. His new boxer had been with him about a month or so and he was calling to say that he could not handle him. No surprise there. Since we had taken Coco, he wanted to know if we wanted Charlie….for $150.
Let me add….shamefully…that "I" (yes, me) DID NOT WANT A BOXER. In fact I thought they were not cute dogs…..GASP!!
I told him I would discuss this with Kevin and get back with him. I knew the answer. Kevin had wanted a boxer way before we had gotten any other dog. I knew it would be yes.
The next night, Saturday evening, I went out to meet Charlie. It was love at first sight. He was chained in the backyard and when I saw him I fell to my knees and let myself be covered with my first sweet boxer kisses.
I knew when I saw him he was not in good shape. He was skinny, way too skinny. He was not only starved for food but starved for attention. I wanted to take him home right then and there and will forever regret that I didn't.
Kevin, my sensible side, knew both had to work long shifts the next day and the poor guy would be alone all day. So we decided to pick him up after work the next day. We had no idea what he would go through was much worse than being home alone for the first time in a new house. 😦
We went to work the next day, excited about our new family member.
Around 4 pm the next day I got a call from my mom at work. She asked me if I knew what was going on near my house and asked me to turn on the TV at work. Tornadoes. Heading right in the direction of my house. (and Charlie's house) Luckily, Kevins brother happened to be at our house and I called him right away and told him to get our dogs (Coco and Duke, our rottweiler) into the basement….NOW!!) It was a whirlwind, which I can hardly remember now. Cells phones and home phones were all out and we had not contact with anyone. My mind was on my house and my dogs. I knew the tornadoes had hit very near my house. I had no idea if my house my hit or not, so I rushed home just praying. I didn't care if the house was gone as long as the dogs were safe.
They were safe and so was the house, as I relaxed, it hit me……….CHARLIE. After watching the news he was RIGHT were the tornadoes hit.
I was able to reach Kevin after that on his cell phone. I told him my fears of what could have happened to Charlie. He said "I'm going to get him!!!" And he did, my hero and Charlie's,  he drove through police barcades and downed power lines to the area right were the tornadoes hit. To this day I have NO IDEA how he got in. They were at the time only letting residents with ID's in.
And our fears were real. He had been on his chain during the tornado. Houses were destoryed all around him BUT the tornado had literally gone about a 1/2 a block NORTH of Charlie's old owner, leaving his house undamaged. And Charlie safe.
Kevin replays to me seeing Charlie for the first time. His old owner let him off his chain and with without a second thought Charlie ran towards Kevin. Not his owner. After that he went to a dirty, gross puddle of water and begin to drink like he had never had anything to drink before. Kevin set Charlie in the car and he said that Charlie was the most silent puppy you have ever seen. He proceeded to curl up in a ball and sleep all the way home.
And he was ours. Mine. My man.
Charlie's story does not end there, but that is the begining of his life with us. He was only a small puppy when we rescued him but he came with many issues. We often wonder if that was from his rough start or bad breeding. Being taken away from his littermates too soon. I guess will never know for sure.
I will share more of Charlie's story soon. His life…his downfalls…and his trimuphs, and most importantly the uncondtional love that he has brought into our lives.

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