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Happy Mothers Day!!

To all the mothers……and that means the ones with furry children too! You ARE a mom!!!!
You clean up messes, you feed your babies when they are hungry, you take them to the doctor when they are sick, you play with them, you disipline them, hell we even get the rebellious teenage years when they think they are above you!! LOL!  And they love you uncondtionally!!! I am a wonderful mommy to 2 furry kids!
I hope everyone had a wonderful mothers day weekend!!

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I have a VERY special event coming up in my city.
It starts every year about this time.
And it lasts for about 6 months.
The Dog Bakery "Three Dog Bakery" sponsors the event.
The proceeds go to The Gracie Foundation
Here is a sample of some pics you will be seeing soon after our event!!!


Dogdinner (21).jpg

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That is the question!! We have no food in the house. No diet coke, no milk, no snacks, no meals….(and I am a hungry mom!!) But this is what stops me from going to the store. My poor fawn guy will eat the house if we leave him out of his ken-ken (his name for kennel)…So he must go into his "house" and it makes him very sad. 😦 Doesn't this face break your heart?


Edited to add: MY MOMMY DID NOT PUT ME IN MY KEN-KEN!!!!! YIPPIE!!! She said she will go to the store tomorrow. She even made herself a bad dinner for tomorrow because there is no food. I am grateful I have such a loving mommy!!

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