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To buy me a green ball just like Cairo!!!!! She makes it look so fun I told my mommy I need one!

Edited to add: Being a boy boxer has disadvantages. I loved my ball but was too rough with it and it popped in about 15 minutues. 😦 My mommy says I need tougher toys.

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Me and Coco have our "big event" on monday. Her Grandma bought her a colorful collar (pictured below) and I just went out and bought a cute red and white shirt. We will both have red nails/claws…..hehe. I CAN'T WAIT TILL MONDAY!! YIPPIE!! I will share tons of pictures. And maybe if we're lucky we'll get in the paper. We WILL be the cutest couple there.

NOTE: Please ignore our dirty table. Today is cleaning day. Can you tell? lol


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