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Well, we had our long awaited Dogs Night Out. Now for those that don't know what I am talking about I shall explain. Located in the city I used to live in, (Kansas City) there is a Bakery called Three Dog Bakery they make all kinds of yummy (and fancy!!) treats for dogs. For the past 3 summers they hold these Dogs Night Out events. May-Oct, once a month, one of The Plaza restaurants opens their patio to the dogs and their moms and dads. Three Dog Bakery cooks up an AWESOME 3 course meal for the dogs and the humans get to order off the menu. It is so wonderful and always so much fun! Charlie can't come because of his issues with other dogs, but Coco enjoys it so much. I took a bunch of pictures and they are on my camera. I will post them later but first we all need a nap!! OK…LOTS OF PICS. I didn't want to clog things up too bad here so most of the them are on my flicker site to the right. But here is a little taste…………. feedmygirl.jpg coconeedsfood.jpg loved1.jpg eatsnack.jpg

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