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My mommy tries to make me in the bed. I really don’t mind it…I like being covered up. In the winter though…..its so hot now!!!!


Now here I am naked!! See my handsome neck!! This will probably be the only time you see me without my clothes on because mommy rarely makes me naked except at night. (see I tired…I am yawning!!)


Here is my sister it is bedtime but she is still waiting for food!! Thats labs for you!!!


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Rolling is fun!!

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A Water Boy

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I am a simple Fawn!

My sister likes that fancy stuff but I am a simple fawn! Just give me a car ride with mommy and a kiddie pool to play in!
Mommy says that I can drive!!!!

Hmmmmmmm…..I think I will get that water!

Rolling is a must after getting wet!!

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We had a WONDERFUL time!! Coco, my mom and I ate so much wonderful food. It was a bit hot at 1st but the sun started to set and we had little bit of a breeze.
Coco also got to play in JC Nichols Fountain. She met 3 kids who taught her a game. Keep Away from Coco!!! She thought…."Now why do these kids not want me to have that ball???? Oh well….it is fun!!!"
The pictures really speak for themselves………..so enjoy! Please also visit our Flicker Site. We take so many I have no room to post them all here!! I have a few videos that I will be posting in a bit too!

Yes…I ate it all in one bite!!!

I love swimming! This fountain is fun!

Haha…..I got the ball!!!

Yes….that is all dog food!!!

My eyes are so big because that is ALOT of food!!

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We have done NOTHING this week!!!! We have walked a few times but mommy has been very busy. She is working on something she calls a "promotion" What is that? She it will mean more treats for us so thats all we care about!! Her and our Daddy have also been very busy with something else but won't tell us?? Its a surprise they say!!!! Hmmmmmm. Mommies and Daddies keep secrets sometimes………meanies!!!!
Here is a cute pic my mommy took of me this week……..Don't I look tired?? Keeping up with mommy is busy work!!


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New Blog Name

I decided we needed a new, more fitting blog name. So I used this saying. I have t-shirt with our new name on it and I thought "Hey, thats a good name for our blog" So here we are. A new name.

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