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Coco, my chocolate lab is the sweetest girl ever. But strange.
A few months ago we discovered she has an obsession with bread. OBSESSION.
I am not joking. I'll have to post a video of her and our little experiment. You put bread and a piece of meat on the floor, guess what she eats 1st? The bread!!!! No kidding.
When I go to the store and buy bread she will sit in the kitchen by the bread until you give her a piece. Once again….no kidding!!!
We also discovered that she LOVES carrots, celery and rotel. Over anything else.
On the pick-on-Coco theme here is a funny picture that Kevin did of her a about 2 years ago. Don't ask me how this came about but it has become a big joke in our family my mom even has a picture of it at her school. AND, yes, she is doing what you think she is……….lol.


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