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We had a wonderful weekend. It was very "Kansas City" and I am so happy it worked out the way it did!
We got into Kansas City about 2:00 Saturday and picked up our entry packets. Me and Coco then headed to Grandma's (Mims, or whoever you know her as!!) and spent some time with her. We went to Petsmart, Panera!! and Hobby Lobby. Now you think "Hobby Lobby?" Yes, we had decided to enter Coco in the costume contest and make her a bee! We need spray paint, piper cleaners, panty hose, wire hangers and some fuzzy black balls for her transformation! She already had a bright yellow life jacket. You see the bee coming together?
We went home and worked on the bee costume for a bit while Joe (my brother) was picking up Valerie (his girlfriend) at the airport. Cario, you would like her because she is from California too!!
When they got home we went to the BEST italian food in town! Villa Capri. Mmmmm…manicotti, bread and salad. Ok…..very Kansas City.
After getting home we "planned" to walk. The weather had other ideas!! In the middle of our walk it started pouring down rain! I mean a HUGE storm!! We got home and sat on the screened in porch and watched the storm. Also very Kansas City!
It cleared up just in time for the walk in the morning and we had a WONDERFUL time! Coco entered the contest but didn't win (She should have!!), we walked our 2 mile in 24 mintues and got some awesome pictures! After the walk we took Coco to The Classic Cup and ate brunch, which was really good too. And yes it is a restaurant that allows dogs on the patio to eat.
We planned to go to Shawnee Mission Park for a swim but because of the rain it was too muddy and we were just to tired. We did take Coco to another little park and let her dream about water and chase ducks.
Coco is very tired, as is her Mommy, so we are off to bed. I think she is there waiting for me. Here are a few pictures but also please check our flicker site too. Many, MANY pictures there too!




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