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New Blog Name

I decided we needed a new, more fitting blog name. So I used this saying. I have t-shirt with our new name on it and I thought "Hey, thats a good name for our blog" So here we are. A new name.

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You ask. Being a good free-ranger!! We have been letting him roam the house for about a week or so now. Saturday me and Coco left for Kansas City and Kevin had to work from 5pm-3am! LONG SHIFT!! Charlie had the roam of the house this WHOLE time. WAY TO GO BOY!! Now you ask, "What does he do that whole time? Sleep?"
No, he guards the house. Literally, it has to be the whole time. You leave and he is sitting in the window. You come home and he is sitting in the window. Kevin said he was in the window at 3am!! What a good boy! Charlie is making sure the house is safe for his mommy and daddy.


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