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Here is my pitbull. Oh yes. At least a dozen times I have gotten “What a beautiful pitbull!!!”


How many people actually know what a pitbull looks like? Ever looked at this website and taken “the test”? Would you pass?
Now my problem with this Program…..
Is the burden of proof on the owners? I have no papers for Charlie. I have no way to prove he is a boxer, not a pitbull. KCK, would you take my dog?
40 (at least) dogs have been taken into custody according to a video on KCTV 5. How many of these dogs were loved, cherished family pets? How many of these dogs never had a chance in life because their owners were drug-addicted, dog fighters?
Lets step up to the plate and go to the route of the problem. The owners.
Next year when the pitbulls are gone and a mastiff or boxer or a german shepard attacks someone……what happens?

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