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He Swims

This summer we have had many bloggings of Coco swimming. So now we have Charlie. He’s defintely not as good as her, but he still had a good time.





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I occascionally check my Search Engine Terms and what brings people to my website.
Most days I do find myself laughing when things such as this come up…..”
coco naked”, “pictures of 3 legged snakes” “Stinky Town” and few other amusing ones.
Today I found myself disappointed. The #1 search for my blog was “Pitbull puppies for sale just in Kansas”
I found myself wondering if they know how many pitbulls NEED homes right now. Not only in the KC area but everywhere. Why would we want to bring more into the world?
For those searching for pitbulls for sale in Kansas……Here visit this website http://www.mprgroup.net/. Pitbull rescue. Make sure you visit this link too…..the dogs.
And think about it.

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