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  I actually posted this on a wonderful Pitbull Site I belong to. I am cross-posting here because I feel it is so important. I, myself am guilty of not doing engough. I am commiting myself to try and do more for the fight against BSL. Even if you are not a pitbull owner. PLEASE, think about it. Pitbull World provides many links and information on BSL. Stop by and join or just read. Here what I wrote:
With all the BSL going on Kansas City right now it has me thinking alot. And it scares me. I belong to a website for KC Dog owners discussing Indepdence’s descion to ban pit bulls reccently. Connie Hill, the lady whose husband was attacked, has said that she plans to take the breed ban state wide and fight for it. All pit bulls banned in Missouri completely.
Now as most of you know here, I don’t own a pitbull, so at the moment this does not effect me. People I know keep saying to me “Why do you care so much? Charlie is a boxer and Coco is lab, this is not YOUR problem.”

Well, it is. What I wish people that fight so hard for these breed bans would understand, you are NOT solving the problem, the real root, when banning breeds. Because now that pitbulls are illegal, they will just choose other dog. Those that shouldn’t be owning a dog. PERIOD. Animal abuse, fighting, breeding for aggression will continue, just with their new breed of choice. Mastiff?? Boxer?? German Shepards?? Step up, whose next? It will be a never-ending cycle. And where will it stop? Are we going to ban all large breeds? Thats what I am afraid of. And thats what scares me.

If you own a DOG this fight is important. How many people voting FOR breed bans own dogs? Do they really understand what they are doing? In essence they are voting AGAINST their dog. Maybe not today or tomorrow but IMO thats were its heading.

In fact as I wrote this I was reading some of the other posts…..Dog Fatally Mauls Dade resident

“For the second time in two weeks, a dog has fatally mauled a South Florida resident. Pablo Fleites, 56, was found dead Monday night inside a dog pen occupied by two boxers

And again how does this not effect me? Or any of us for that matter, whether you own a lab or pitbull. It will effect you, don’t wait until it does. Really its time, we as dog owners step up to the plate.

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Oh my….did you think we forgot? Nope…just been busy the past week or so. But today we bring you #8……..WALKING!! (Or running, based on what your human perfers.) We LOVE to walk! As you can see we are not the ONLY dogs that feel this way! Yep most certainly this is #8!!



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