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Mommy, I think there is a fishy down there!! I see it! I see it!! May I eat it??

Maybe it is the fishy I am jumping on here…..

I believe I am doing much better at this swimming thing. Mommy is such a good helper.

Stay tuned for another post about Charlie’s swimming and Part III of the lake trip……Coming soon to a blog near you!!!!

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We have so many pictures of Coco swimming I figured we would share some ones of her, NOT. So here is what Coco does at the lake when she is not swimming, which is rare……

My Dad carries me, which I did not like….

Seagulls are not bright birds, they let me get VERY close to them and then I chase them!!!

No, I did not dig this pit. But I found it and claimed it as mine. It was quite muddy and cool.

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Well, our camping trip did not turn out as planned. In fact it really did not turn out at all. We did get to swim at least, and our mommy will post those pictures tomorrow.
It wrained, and wrained and wrained. (this is how we say ‘rain’) As soon as we got done swimming it started and we had to go home. We were really sad. Mommy got to cook steak and kabobs at home tonight though. We ate steak and it was soooooo good.

I will ignore the steak…I will ignore the steak….I will ignore the steak…..I will ignore the steak…..

I CAN NOT IGNORE THE STEAK!!!!!! (Ok, mommy did give us this steak after these pictures.)

Our mommy is silly….Steak and Lobster…..

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No, she is not a seeing eye dog. She got in through the back door illegally!!! Then the superintendent came to see the new school and Coco was almost caught!! Luckily she is very quiet and does a good job hiding in the office……..

What are you doing Grandma? May I help please?
A letter from Coco…..She has mastered the computer so well………letter.jpg

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I decided to make this post private because it is, as my post states, extremely powerful and triggering. Not for everyone. It may be hard for some to read and offend others. My believe in spaying and neutering is very close to my heart after rescuing Charlie and Coco from their very sad stitutions.
I will tell you bit about the post though and you may email me……aroundtowndesign@gmail.com  and I will provide the password to read further. It comes from a website called Craigslist and was actually posted on Pitbull World by a member. It was created by an animal control officer himself who his burdened everyday with the job of killing so many unwanted animals.
Its a hard read, I’ll warn you. You’ll cry. But oh my…..it needs to be said.

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How many dogs do know get to eat this??
Whoever this manager guy is who made this a special so mommy bought 2 steaks for the price of one, he’s pretty cool in our book.
We are leaving and going camping for mommy’s birthday and that is when we get to eat this beautiful steak. The only rule? We must share this with mommy and daddy. Hmmmmmm……thats ok!!!
See everyone on Saturday with lots of camping pictures!!

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