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We have been experiencing technical difficulties with the Internet, causing us to be out of commission for the last week or so. So that’s where we have been. But we discovered a new talent of Charlie’s. He LOVES to howl!!!

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Don’t know how this started but Dad decided that getting DVR would be a very exciting thing for Charlie……

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What your dog looks like…

Other than your dog? Ever thought about it? I know it doesn’t make sense when I try and explain so here is an example……


LOL…poor Charlie, mommy likes to pick on him too much.

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A post on Boxer-Dog.Org provoked this thought last night. It was discussing people passing pitbulls off as boxer mixes or something else. I still haven’t responded to the post because I am still not sure how I feel. Some of the posters made some very valid points. Granted, yes I know sometimes rescuers and shelters are forced to do this to save a dog that may otherwise be put down. But what happens in 3 years when that dog is so obviously a pitbull and he put down anyway simply because where he lives?? They are doing it in KCK. Maybe the dog really isn’t even a pitbull. Maybe he is a boxer mix. Can you prove it? No he has no papers, somebody saved him. That doesn’t matter, who is was born to look like does.
So that brings me to the title “No Breeds”. I know its a little silly. Kind of like saying what if there were no races. No Black, No White, No Indian, No Chinese. I know it doesn’t work that way. Everyone was just….human? Well, what if how many 100,000 of years ago dogs came around there were no breeds. Just….Dogs? No way to classify who was aggressive by saying its the “pitbulls” or its the “rottweilers”. I guess they would still look different. Society would find a way. Its sad. Its not the dogs…..it us the humans who made you this way. For that I am sorry. Maybe someday they can find it in themselves to forgive us. Afterall……
“To err is human, to forgive, canine.” – Unknown

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It amazes me the things that scare our dogs. Coco has been scared of some of the strangest things. To name a few, moving lighted Christmas deer, flies, a burning stump and now a stone lion on the Plaza. Not the best picture but we had to spend little time growling at the lion.


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Coco and I had a wonderful week in Kansas City. We arrived Wednesday and went to Three Dog Bakery for goodies glore. (some for Charlie too!!) After that we headed to Grandma’s school for 2 kindergarten classes who listened to a story on dogs and then got to “meet the dog”, being Coco! She really enjoyed this! (sorry no pics, didn’t want to have pics of kids out there on the net without parents permission)
Now here’s the best part……..DOG SWIM!! This is our 3rd year and she is in ABSOLUTE HEAVEN doing this! Now I could explain what exactly dog swim is but I think I will let the pictures speak for themselves……..
She doesn’t like to swim at all!!swimmer.jpg

RUN GIRLY!! RUN!! happysnake.jpg

Me and my girly getting ready to play! cocomommy.jpg

Coco and her Grandma….Coco is thinking “Can I pull Grandma in??”cocograndma.jpg

Some other labs! Yes…it was 85% Lab there!

Coco was the last dog in the pool. We couldn’t get her out and they even started draining the pool! darkswim.jpg

I have some more to share about our trip but will share that tomorrow!

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Coco and I have been in Kansas City for 3 days now. I MISS CHARLIE!!!! Because of his dog aggression issues he is happier (and so are the other dogs!!) at home in Salina with Dad. Since Coco is VERY social when we come to KC, he would just be staying at his grandma’s house alone in his kennel while we went out around town. So he is home but I am so sad without him. We are leaving tonight and I can’t wait to see my boy! I have presents!!! I will also post of Coco’s and my adventures!! We had a wonderful time!!

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