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The Boxer “Presence”

I love dogs. All dog. Labs, Pitbulls, Mastiffs, German Shepards, anything.
I reccently joined a boxer site, Boxer-Dog.Org, and have been looking at everyones boxer pictures and reading their stories.
Maybe this is just because I am a boxer mom (but I am a lab mom too remember) But these dogs have a certain “presence” to them.
Charlie is capitvating. You can be completely depressed and he will run 300 miles an hour around the house with his rubber chicken in his mouth. He will jump 5 ft in the air to get a toy from me. He will roll wildly on his back in the backyard for no reason. And its not just him. His breed is capitvating because all the other boxers are just as much as a character as Charlie.
We reccently met Sammie. And I can not look at that face without wanting to love her forever!! She is so expressive!!!
Well, I can explain this boxer “presence” forever, but I bet your thinking…..PICTURES!!! I can do that!!

He drinks out of water fountains……picture-116.jpg

He wears his birthday hat proudly…

He meets a bulldog……fakedog.jpg

He likes to be covered…..


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