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A post on Boxer-Dog.Org provoked this thought last night. It was discussing people passing pitbulls off as boxer mixes or something else. I still haven’t responded to the post because I am still not sure how I feel. Some of the posters made some very valid points. Granted, yes I know sometimes rescuers and shelters are forced to do this to save a dog that may otherwise be put down. But what happens in 3 years when that dog is so obviously a pitbull and he put down anyway simply because where he lives?? They are doing it in KCK. Maybe the dog really isn’t even a pitbull. Maybe he is a boxer mix. Can you prove it? No he has no papers, somebody saved him. That doesn’t matter, who is was born to look like does.
So that brings me to the title “No Breeds”. I know its a little silly. Kind of like saying what if there were no races. No Black, No White, No Indian, No Chinese. I know it doesn’t work that way. Everyone was just….human? Well, what if how many 100,000 of years ago dogs came around there were no breeds. Just….Dogs? No way to classify who was aggressive by saying its the “pitbulls” or its the “rottweilers”. I guess they would still look different. Society would find a way. Its sad. Its not the dogs…..it us the humans who made you this way. For that I am sorry. Maybe someday they can find it in themselves to forgive us. Afterall……
“To err is human, to forgive, canine.” – Unknown

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