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¬†Read the ad, there are a few “differences”.


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I will bite, attack (and box) my sister!play.jpg

But my sister fights back!! Scary!!

Now rest is good…….

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This weekend we went to Grandma’s for a visit. Grandma usually has Coco sleep on the floor but this visit it was cold and Coco was allowed up on the bed!! What a lucky girl!!!



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A baby!!!

Our friend Cario shared some baby pics and suggested we share a few. So here is the little fawn as a baby. Sorry, no Coco pics as a baby, she came to us when she was big!!

OH MY!!! I was little my mommy could carry me!!laurachararms.JPG

A little bit bigger, but look at all that white on my nose!! It went away when I grew up!!!

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What should Coco be? She is entering a costumer contest in a few weeks and could use some suggestions? We have a few ideas so here they are……..(but we certainly welcome more!!!)

1. A box of “Cocoa”
2. A Bee (again) Everyone remembers the bee right?
3. A snake (my mom is hoping not this one as she thinks it would be too hard)
Help us out!! We want to WIN!!!!

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Ok…not quite but look at those little whiskers!!!!

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Night Friz

Obsess much, Coco? Can you tell Coco is a bit addicted to Frisbee? Oh yes, she LOVES Frisbee…….at night, in the morning, in the house, small Frisbees, big Frisbees. Ahh, but we love her anyways.



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