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Look at our new customized look!! I also added links at the top of the page. In the next few days they will become pages all about us! Everything you ever wanted to know about Charlie, Coco and their Mommy. Look for our updates!

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From Charlie and Coco.

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She got bread…….weird dog.

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She has a few but this is blog-related. She has neglected the blog and replying on our friends blogs. She has been very busy at work and going back and forth to Kansas City. The past few months have been terribly busy. Our mommy’s New Years resolution is to post at least 3-4 times per week. And reply on other posts at least 2 blogs per day.

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So it hasn’t been a full year since we began our blogging adventure. And our mom has not been as good with our blog lately. (New Years Resolution’s have been made to post more often!) But here is a our year in review highlighting some of our best posts from each month!!from when our blog began……

My mommy makes me wear clothes!!:
OH NO! A blast from Charlie’s past. It is, afterall, a mothers job to embarass her son!!
I got Sonic!!!:
The Fawn sure enjoyed many cheeseburger snacks this year! It sure helped put some much needed weight on the guy!

Dogs Night Out #1:
Coco goes out on the town for another Dogs Night Out with the Three Dog Bakery!

What’s the Fawn been up to 
Well, this marked a HUGE milestone in the fawns life……NO MORE KENNEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The 19th Annual Dog n Jog


We love 4th of July
Yes we do. It is and always will be our most favorite holiday!!

 Pitbull Bans and how I feel:
I could just copy exactly what I wrote again. Just read it. Its important to our family and yours. Even if your not a pitbull.

I’m Sorry: 
Another good one. A video. About pitbulls. Please re-watch it. For us. Your doggies.

The Lake: Part II, Charlie has Fun! 
Yes, the little man did learn to swim this summer. Now the big question is……..Will he remember he can next year???

As Long as there’s steak in the end…..its ok
As if there was any bit of doubt in your mind if my doggies were spoiled I think this post just about cleared that up!

What your dog looks like….
Other than a dog. Remember this one?

 The Boxer “Presence”
A quote from this post: “Maybe this is just because I am a boxer mom (but I am a lab mom too remember) But these dogs have a certain “presence” to them.”

Odd things that scare us:
It amazes me the things that scare our dogs. Coco has been scared of some of the strangest things. To name a few, moving lighted Christmas deer, flies, a burning stump and now a stone lion on the Plaza. Not the best picture but we had to spend little time growling at the lion.

Play Hard, Sleep Harder. A Doggie’s Motto
I think this picture speaks for itself…..

Night Friz:
I could have had about 10,000 posts about Coco and her friz, but here is just one.

How a boxer gets things done:
Who could forget Charlie’s brief career in window washing??
Coco had a great costume but no first prize for Coco! Oh well, we had a blast!
Thankful: Those who love us
We are so loved. There are so many people who love us and care about us.

No Christmas Tree: Christmas Boxer
Ahhh….my funny little man. This does have a story. He was such a tired little man as I was stringing the lights out they accidentally went over him. And he continued sleeping.

Bad mom! Hardly any posts for December!!

We have had such a full year. We have done lots of traveling back and forth to Kansas City as you can tell. Who knows what 2007 will bring. Thoughts of moving back to KC have been played with. It is afterall, home to me and the doggies.

Merry Christmas Everyone and Happy New Year! I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and the 2007 is an wonderful year, although I don’t think its can get much better, afterall 2006 was the year of the dog! We do have to wait until 2018 until its another year of the dog!

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Should we tell him he is not a tree? christmasboxer.jpg


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