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This weekend Coco got a horrible ear infection. We hoped to wait it out and go to our vet in Salina but it got worse very quickly and we had to go to the vet in KC. My old vet was booked so we could not get in and went to a different vet. Very, very, very expensive. Twice as much as I have paid for previous ear infections. Needless to say I will not go back to them. Anyway, we of course have to laugh at it, so here is how we have discovered that Coco will take her pills. (6 a day by the way!!!) Not that she is sad about that and you’ll see why.

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Humane Wireless

Need a cell phone? Go thru Sprint and get this deal. Awesome.

A Special Offer for Animal Lovers

Sign up today.
When you sign up with Humane Wireless, you’ll receive a free camera phone, low monthly calling plan and tons of features, including:

FREE LG 225 camera phone — $169.00 value

Free calls to Humane Wireless members

Nationwide long distance, voicemail, call waiting, caller ID and three-way calling

200 anytime minutes plus unlimited night and weekend minutes, all for only $29.99 a month

Text-messaging and Web-browsing capability

Opportunites to help protect animals

10% of every dollar you bill goes to The Humane Society of the United States, at no extra cost to you

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After our friend Ellieposted about how she likes to lay near the vent I thought I would share one of Charlie’s great loves. THE HEATING VENT!!! Any heat actually. My electric blanket has been nicknamed “magic blanket” he loves it so. So some pictures of Charlie, “lovin’ on the heat”.


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A BIG, HUGE blog annoucement is coming soon. No, we are not adding another boxer to our family. Or a lab. You’ll just have to wait and see. Its a big change for our family. If you think you know, keep quiet!!!

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More snow.

These were from Sunday. No we do not have this much snow anymore. Its slowly melting away. But here are some amusing pictures.
That is ALOT of snow.

If Coco was white we would be in trouble!!

Where are Charlie’s legs? Charlie makes a long trek across the yard.longtrek.jpg

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Only 12 more days!

And this little guy turns FOUR YEARS OLD!! Where did my little fawn go??!! I can’t hold him like that anymore!

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Well, it looks like its here and there is going to be a lot of it. So we are going to have some fun! This is so far today but there is supposed to more!!

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Today I am going pay tribute to something “I” love and its not dog related!! I bet you didn’t see that coming! Now its not to say that this isn’t something that the dogs don’t love too, they do.
Have you ever heard someone say “You don’t know how much you loved something until you don’t have it anymore?” Well, today I’ll talk about my first great love. I didn’t realize it until I left but now I know…….you can always go home again.
Yep……its my hometown. I was born, raised and lived in Kansas City until about 1 1/2 years ago. In that time I realized my heart is in Kansas City. We’ll be back…..soon I hope. But for now, we visit……….a lot.
It has so much more to offer Charlie and Coco too. What do you think has kept my blog going all summer? All those awesome dog events in Kansas City!! So leave you with some pics of us in KC!!

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But NOT that cold! I hate this shirt! Please help dad!
I said I wanted to go for a walk but I think I changed my mind! Hurry up Grandma and make my coat!!!

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Yes, folks. Predicted 1 inch of the slippery, yucky cold, wet stuff. BOOOOOO! (and GRRRRR, that’s from Coco.) It looks like we will be spending our weekend at home.

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