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Countdown #2- My Life

My mommy says she wishes I could talk. She doesn’t know much about my life before I came to live with her just that I was a scared little guy. Here is a funny (but sad) story about me………
Before I came to live with my mommy I lived with a very mean man. He kept me chained in his backyard. I was just a little puppy and very scared and sad. My mommy got meĀ and started taking wonderful care of me but I was still afraid that if I went out into the yard that she would chain me up again. I was so afraid that when she told me I had to learn something called “potty training” that I would only go to the bathroom on the deck!! My poor mommy had to wash off the deck every day with the hose! I did learn that the yard was a good thing and I have lots of fun in the yard! I know that my mommy will not chain me up and leave me. Here is a picture of me having fun in my old yard, we moved since then but I have a yard here too. Yards are great!!! My mommy says some day we may live in something called a condo with no yard but she said she will make sure it has a back patio for us!!
See why I was afraid?? It was SOOOOO BIG!!!

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