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Today I am going pay tribute to something “I” love and its not dog related!! I bet you didn’t see that coming! Now its not to say that this isn’t something that the dogs don’t love too, they do.
Have you ever heard someone say “You don’t know how much you loved something until you don’t have it anymore?” Well, today I’ll talk about my first great love. I didn’t realize it until I left but now I know…….you can always go home again.
Yep……its my hometown. I was born, raised and lived in Kansas City until about 1 1/2 years ago. In that timeĀ I realized my heart is in Kansas City. We’ll be back…..soon I hope. But for now, we visit……….a lot.
It has so much more to offer Charlie and Coco too. What do you think has kept my blog going all summer? All those awesome dog events in Kansas City!! So leave you with some pics of us in KC!!

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