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Ok…so in the past week our “dog blog” has strayed a bit. But stay with me this is dog-related. Here is a phone call with potential landlord today.
Lady: Hello?
Me: Hi, I’m calling about the house on “111 smith st”.
Lady: Yes?
Me: Can you tell me more about that?
Lady: Well, its 2 bedrooms 1 bath. Refrigerator, Stove and washer/dryer hooks up. It has a fenced in yard and a garage.
Me: And the ad says you allow pets?
Lady: Yes. What do you have?
Me: A boxer and a chocolate lab.
Lady: Oh, their big!!
Me: Yes, they are. They have great references though.
Lady: Well, I suppose with an extra deposit. Do they stay outside all the time.
Me: No ma’am. They are indoor dogs. They go out to go to the bathroom.
Lady: Well, that’s just not natural!!!
Me: (‘thinking’ OK……I THINK WE’RE DONE HERE!!!!)
Alright, well thank you for your time! Have a good day!
I have been looking for houses all week. Thru the Internet. Searching, calling, having beautiful intelligent conversations just like this. If you are a landlord in Kansas City and happen to be reading my blog. (ahhhh, what are the chances??) You see how much my dogs are loved. I think these guys deserve a house!!!

¬†UPDATED TO ADD: Another housing vent……CALL POTENTIAL RENTERS BACK!!!! I am really not wanting to buy a house yet, but sheesh, its looking more and more tempting!!

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