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Well, we certainly haven’t stopped with pictures in our time away. I have busy snapping away. I won’t post everything in one day but we’ll work on it. And of course, in true Coco, Mommy and Grandma form, we walked in our 6th Dog-n-Jog. (20th annual for KC, 6th Annual for us!) This year wasn’t as kind to us as far as weather goes. I thought we had a deal with God for NO RAIN ON DOG-N-JOG! But this wasn’t just any rain. THIS WAS AN ALL OUT DOWN POUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well why don’t I just let the pictures speak for themselves. Oh and for anyone who wonders we will be bringing back “Love Thursdays” so be ready! 🙂

When the say rain or shine they mean it!!

I’m sure these dogs are really happy to be out……dogjackets.jpg

And him….poor guy…..

Coco seems to be having fun!

I do love my pretty girly…….

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