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 Must I wait to eat that treat??

I can not wait much longer, Mommy!!cannot.jpg


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I knew the minutue I saw him. Something changed that would never be the same. In his short live he shaped my life more that he’ll ever know. When I look at Charlie and Coco’s face, I still think of him. Although he has not crossed my mind for awhile, seeing pictures of him brought the beginning of my love for dogs back. This is My Moo-Head. My Max. Why a rescue of course. He was with us for only months. The vet believed he got a rare disease called Dysautonomia. I miss you, Thank you a million times over for sending me Charlie and Coco.


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Now I would say, I am far from a perfect house keeper. But no where near a horrible one. My house is neat. But it never ceases to amaze me how much fur these short-haired dogs create in less than a week.



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Well, good news for the time being. (Cross paws and fingers please) The computer is up and running again. 🙂 Something I have been putting off is organizing, copying and even printing off the favorites, of my pictures. Yes, I have backed up some. The are all on various CD’s in no particular order. No, “These are all Charlie’s 1st year pics” or “These are Coco’s 4 year old pics” I checked my folder with most of my pics. Keep in mind, these aren’t even all of them. lol


See the number of files, yep that says 4, 407. Wow.

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Why of course when we get up and running again of all things, internet hooked up, all that jazz. Ah-hah! The hard drive goes bad. 😦 Although this goes along the line we have of a BIG change coming to the blog. Annoucement coming soon. I’ll update when we get the computer up and going again within the next week. We should have some pictures that will show what our big annoucement is. Also look for another BIG move possiably coming up soon, not me and the dogs techincally moving, but kind of…….haven’t decided on it for sure yet…………BUT have I gotten you interested?? Confused? LOL! Be patient! I’ll tell everyone soon!!

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Charlie is 4 years old. He has hated his kennel since the day we made him get in it. Since we have moved to Kansas City for some reason he has had a bonding experience with his kennel and the other night I found him just hanging out around it and in it. Silly Boxer!





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Well, we certainly haven’t stopped with pictures in our time away. I have busy snapping away. I won’t post everything in one day but we’ll work on it. And of course, in true Coco, Mommy and Grandma form, we walked in our 6th Dog-n-Jog. (20th annual for KC, 6th Annual for us!) This year wasn’t as kind to us as far as weather goes. I thought we had a deal with God for NO RAIN ON DOG-N-JOG! But this wasn’t just any rain. THIS WAS AN ALL OUT DOWN POUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well why don’t I just let the pictures speak for themselves. Oh and for anyone who wonders we will be bringing back “Love Thursdays” so be ready! 🙂

When the say rain or shine they mean it!!

I’m sure these dogs are really happy to be out……dogjackets.jpg

And him….poor guy…..

Coco seems to be having fun!

I do love my pretty girly…….

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