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Love is an awesome backyard to sit and read while your “kids” run around. Love is having a free moment and letting it all soak in when life is crazy.




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NEW HOUSE PICS!! And yes I do love it!!






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Well, I bet you were wondering if this a was a DOG BLOG anymore! Lots of house talk and other things. So this Love Thursday we get back to basics and what this blog is all about…….DOGS!!
And what do these doggies love most? I mean OTHER than mommy of course! Walkies!!!! Or should we say W-A-L-K-I-E. That’s right, you can’t say that word in our house without a lot of jumping and running and barking. I bring this up this week because it is 65 degrees. Perfect walkie weather, no more sad faces!
(ok so this picture is in the fall. Just pretend like its spring!!)

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25 days until day-light savings
34 days until spring.
Thats all we have to hold on when its like this:

Mostly Cloudy

Blistering, can’t feel your hands/paws kind of cold.
After following our blog, surely you can tell we are a spring kind of family. We live for spring. So today when snow fell on doggies backs as they went to the bathroom and mommy’s hands almost fell off while she pumped gas, we show our love to our favorite season. Spring! Oh, we are so glad you are on your way!


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When you find that person you want to spend the rest of your life with you are honestly pretty lucky. Sometimes you spend all your life searching or thinking of  “that one lost love”. Not everyone finds love like that.  And to know that you have found that person must be an awesome feeling.
Today is a special Love Thursday because tomorrow my brother, Joe, is going to marry that special person. (that’s pretty amazing to say “my brother is getting married.” and it makes me feel old!!) Not only does Joe love Valerie but so do we. It’s pretty cool I get such an awesome sister-in-law. 🙂 I really don’t think that Joe could have found a better match.
I want to wish you two all the happiness in the world. Life is crazy. When people tell you the older you get time goes by faster….it does.  Remember to cherish every moment. Even when you drive each other crazy,  (and believe me, you will, LOL!) even then, it will be worth it.
Welcome to the family, Valerie!! We love you guys!!


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Ahhh…..how ironic that Love Thursday is this day. A special day. A birthday day! My best boy’s birthday. Four years old!!! My-my!! His made-up birthday anyway. We don’t what day he was born exactly. But when I got him we knew about how old he was and just gave him a day!
And yes if you haven’t noticed by now Charlie is loved by(and loves) alot of people!
Happy Birthday Baby Boy, I am so glad I paid $150 to save you. That I had the chance to know your old owner. That he bought you, that he didn’t want you. I am truly blessed for the chance to know you and love you! Here’s to many more years of boxer love!
Mommy, Coco and Daddy


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After our friend Ellieposted about how she likes to lay near the vent I thought I would share one of Charlie’s great loves. THE HEATING VENT!!! Any heat actually. My electric blanket has been nicknamed “magic blanket” he loves it so. So some pictures of Charlie, “lovin’ on the heat”.


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