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I knew the minutue I saw him. Something changed that would never be the same. In his short live he shaped my life more that he’ll ever know. When I look at Charlie and Coco’s face, I still think of him. Although he has not crossed my mind for awhile, seeing pictures of him brought the beginning of my love for dogs back. This is My Moo-Head. My Max. Why a rescue of course. He was with us for only months. The vet believed he got a rare disease called Dysautonomia. I miss you, Thank you a million times over for sending me Charlie and Coco.


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Love is an awesome backyard to sit and read while your “kids” run around. Love is having a free moment and letting it all soak in when life is crazy.




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Sunny and 60!!

See that?
And this?
That’s what we have right now. Spring is definitely here. And what does that mean? It means this………
Yes, I am going to take the pretty girl to the lake today! YIPPIE!!!!!!!!!!!

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He was so skinny I was constantly worried about the little guys weight?

Ummmmm…..that is no longer a concern. He is a little filled out and is even getting his own little fat rolls. Not fat engough to be diet time, but fat engough to make for a happy mommy!!


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Oh busyness. I miss my blog. I have been so busy this past week I have not had the time to post. Fear not, we are still here. Busy, but still here. I have pictures of the inside of our new house. (But the camera sits in Kansas City with doggies Grandma, bad me, leaving the camera behind.) Don’t worry, we will back soon. So don’t forget us.
Charlie, Coco and Mommy

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NEW HOUSE!! A nice new house and a landlord who has a rescue. For once I am kind of speechless. It just worked out perfectly. Inside pictures will be coming in the next week or so, be patient. house.jpg

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When you find that person you want to spend the rest of your life with you are honestly pretty lucky. Sometimes you spend all your life searching or thinking of  “that one lost love”. Not everyone finds love like that.  And to know that you have found that person must be an awesome feeling.
Today is a special Love Thursday because tomorrow my brother, Joe, is going to marry that special person. (that’s pretty amazing to say “my brother is getting married.” and it makes me feel old!!) Not only does Joe love Valerie but so do we. It’s pretty cool I get such an awesome sister-in-law. 🙂 I really don’t think that Joe could have found a better match.
I want to wish you two all the happiness in the world. Life is crazy. When people tell you the older you get time goes by faster….it does.  Remember to cherish every moment. Even when you drive each other crazy,  (and believe me, you will, LOL!) even then, it will be worth it.
Welcome to the family, Valerie!! We love you guys!!


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