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Well, good news for the time being. (Cross paws and fingers please) The computer is up and running again. 🙂 Something I have been putting off is organizing, copying and even printing off the favorites, of my pictures. Yes, I have backed up some. The are all on various CD’s in no particular order. No, “These are all Charlie’s 1st year pics” or “These are Coco’s 4 year old pics” I checked my folder with most of my pics. Keep in mind, these aren’t even all of them. lol


See the number of files, yep that says 4, 407. Wow.

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Love is an awesome backyard to sit and read while your “kids” run around. Love is having a free moment and letting it all soak in when life is crazy.




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Charlie is 4 years old. He has hated his kennel since the day we made him get in it. Since we have moved to Kansas City for some reason he has had a bonding experience with his kennel and the other night I found him just hanging out around it and in it. Silly Boxer!





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Naaaaa! We are back in action! Or at least will be in the next few days! I have tons of pictures to share! We have missed all our friends so much and will start posting again soon! Thanks for waiting for us!

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Just wanted to post and let everyone know that we are here in KC. We are temporarily without Internet. 😦 I know, I know…..hopefully that will only be for a week or so. I am working on it. Meanwhile we miss our on-line blogging friends and will be catching up soon!

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He was so skinny I was constantly worried about the little guys weight?

Ummmmm…..that is no longer a concern. He is a little filled out and is even getting his own little fat rolls. Not fat engough to be diet time, but fat engough to make for a happy mommy!!


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Well, I bet you were wondering if this a was a DOG BLOG anymore! Lots of house talk and other things. So this Love Thursday we get back to basics and what this blog is all about…….DOGS!!
And what do these doggies love most? I mean OTHER than mommy of course! Walkies!!!! Or should we say W-A-L-K-I-E. That’s right, you can’t say that word in our house without a lot of jumping and running and barking. I bring this up this week because it is 65 degrees. Perfect walkie weather, no more sad faces!
(ok so this picture is in the fall. Just pretend like its spring!!)

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