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As famous as we’ll ever get. See me, Coco and Grandma? Yes, we are on the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City website. I think after five years of doing the Dog-N-Jog we deserve a better picture! Maybe next year.

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 Read the ad, there are a few “differences”.


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What should Coco be? She is entering a costumer contest in a few weeks and could use some suggestions? We have a few ideas so here they are……..(but we certainly welcome more!!!)

1. A box of “Cocoa”
2. A Bee (again) Everyone remembers the bee right?
3. A snake (my mom is hoping not this one as she thinks it would be too hard)
Help us out!! We want to WIN!!!!

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Ok…not quite but look at those little whiskers!!!!

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Well, our camping trip did not turn out as planned. In fact it really did not turn out at all. We did get to swim at least, and our mommy will post those pictures tomorrow.
It wrained, and wrained and wrained. (this is how we say ‘rain’) As soon as we got done swimming it started and we had to go home. We were really sad. Mommy got to cook steak and kabobs at home tonight though. We ate steak and it was soooooo good.

I will ignore the steak…I will ignore the steak….I will ignore the steak…..I will ignore the steak…..

I CAN NOT IGNORE THE STEAK!!!!!! (Ok, mommy did give us this steak after these pictures.)

Our mommy is silly….Steak and Lobster…..

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My birthday is coming up this Friday. But today Kevin came home with the best present EVER!!! FETCH
You buy a doggie and train it and play with it and feed it. Ya know, what you do with a regular doggie. I just spent about 3 hours playing it. My boxer Mr. Tumus won the obedenice contest 4 times. (AND YES THERE’S A BOXER AND A LAB!!!) Reccommending this game for all dog lovers. I still have a lot to learn about it. But, its oh so fun!

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Coco, my chocolate lab is the sweetest girl ever. But strange.
A few months ago we discovered she has an obsession with bread. OBSESSION.
I am not joking. I'll have to post a video of her and our little experiment. You put bread and a piece of meat on the floor, guess what she eats 1st? The bread!!!! No kidding.
When I go to the store and buy bread she will sit in the kitchen by the bread until you give her a piece. Once again….no kidding!!!
We also discovered that she LOVES carrots, celery and rotel. Over anything else.
On the pick-on-Coco theme here is a funny picture that Kevin did of her a about 2 years ago. Don't ask me how this came about but it has become a big joke in our family my mom even has a picture of it at her school. AND, yes, she is doing what you think she is……….lol.


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