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I occascionally check my Search Engine Terms and what brings people to my website.
Most days I do find myself laughing when things such as this come up…..”
coco naked”, “pictures of 3 legged snakes” “Stinky Town” and few other amusing ones.
Today I found myself disappointed. The #1 search for my blog was “Pitbull puppies for sale just in Kansas”
I found myself wondering if they know how many pitbulls NEED homes right now. Not only in the KC area but everywhere. Why would we want to bring more into the world?
For those searching for pitbulls for sale in Kansas……Here visit this website http://www.mprgroup.net/. Pitbull rescue. Make sure you visit this link too…..the dogs.
And think about it.

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Here is my pitbull. Oh yes. At least a dozen times I have gotten “What a beautiful pitbull!!!”


How many people actually know what a pitbull looks like? Ever looked at this website and taken “the test”? Would you pass?
Now my problem with this Program…..
Is the burden of proof on the owners? I have no papers for Charlie. I have no way to prove he is a boxer, not a pitbull. KCK, would you take my dog?
40 (at least) dogs have been taken into custody according to a video on KCTV 5. How many of these dogs were loved, cherished family pets? How many of these dogs never had a chance in life because their owners were drug-addicted, dog fighters?
Lets step up to the plate and go to the route of the problem. The owners.
Next year when the pitbulls are gone and a mastiff or boxer or a german shepard attacks someone……what happens?

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As this is a light-hearted blog on which I love showing off my dogs, I rarely post rants. But in light of what is going on in Kansas City, KS and surrounding areas my hackles are raised. After reading a poll on a local radio station website reading “KILL ALL PITBULLS”, they raised even more. I am planning on writing letters, to anyone who will listen. Radio, TV, newspaper. If you would like to read more on what is going on I will post several links.
I will say it is a true tragedy what happened to the women in the story link in which I will post and my heart goes out to her family.
Although understand, my dogs are my family and I will fight for their rights. I do not own a pitbull, but know many. Every dogs rights are at stake when pitbull bans go into effect.
Here are some links to read:
Kansas City Channel 5  Scroll down as there is some videos there

A great Pitbull Website!! With a reccent discussion about this that I started

Heres a little bit of what I think should happen in instead of banning Pitbulls. I wrote this on another site but wanted to share here.

IMO, the problem is really just pure irresponsible people. As Siesta stated  “Irresponsible guardians and criminals will just go down the list and choose another breed.  Goes on and on.  Responsible for actions needs to be placed on the owner/guardian!  and strictly enforced”

As some here know I have a boxer, Charlie, that is a walking, breathing example of why breeding needs to cease to some extent. Huge aggression problems, seizures, small tumors (no cancer….yet) and he’s 3 years old. Only Three. Where is this going? You’ll see.

SO here is my plan. Extreme…some may say that, but I believe the problems call for extreme measures. But still call me on something if it seems to extreme. Tell me WHY you think it would not work or what would happen. I have actually had this plan in the works for a long time and have thought it out pretty carefully. I haven’t really shared it because I wasn’t sure if anyone would listen.

So here it is……

Currently, I pay $6 a year for each of my dogs. $12 total. I have checked a few websites for other cities in my area. Most are close in price. Why are we paying so little? As dog lover, would you pay more? If it meant being able to keep your pitbull and a few other things for animals rights, which I will go over too, would you pay higher fee? I would. What would you be willing to pay? $35 a dog? $40? Times that by all the dogs in the city. Thats a lot of money. In Kansas City I found a link for a place that spays and neuters for $20!! Maybe one of the things these higher fees can help with would be making this NO COST.

What about people who right now are paying more for unaltered animals?? In my city they pay $5 more. Nope…..that needs to end IMO. If you want to have an unaltered animal you are going to pay a lot more. You will have to get a breeding licsene. Have not decided on the price for that yet. And that will be expensive. And time consuming. Hence, if you want to breed you will honestly have to really care about the breed.

Now this would take a lot of man power and employees. I already have said to myself when thinking of this plan. Sign me up. I’ll work. 70 hours a week. What about volunteers? I believe this could really make a difference for a lot of animals. Would you volunteer a few hours a week?

I know this is not the be all end all solution. I know there needs to be more ideas here and maybe some of my ideas changed. But is this a start? Does some city need to try something similar to this?

Could this mean their would be no more dogs like Charlie born? Probably not. Less Charlie’s Born? Probably. Could this mean that irresponsible owners would never own a dog again? Probably not. Less of them? You bet.

Would this be a lot of work? Hell yes. Would most cities not even consider it because of that? Of course.

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SIGH….BIG SIGH. I have driven around today looking at houses….ahhhh, they look so nice on the web. Then I pull up in front and think, "Where is the nice yard?" and "Where did that 10 ft pile of dirt come from? IT was not in the picture." and "Boy, the paint looked MUCH better than this is the picture."
I guess its like looking at food on a menu. When I worked at Perkins years ago, they had a very colorful pretty menu and when I would bring the food out to people they could say "THIS does not look like the picture." LOL
At least I can look at a house before ordering…..lol
The hunt continues………

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So we THOUGHT we had this really decent neighbors. Not really…..unless 5 ft grass gets you in the running for good neighbor of the month club…..:<

They aren't neighbors from hell or anything. (thank god)They don't harass the dogs or have large noisy parties at 3 am. They are honestly good people….but well….just trashy. AND I really don't care if you are trashy. Hey, I am not the classiest girl out there. But we match ok…are cars is equally as trashy as our house, and us.  Well-rounded trashy-ness.
Their house looks like crap, their yard looks like crap, they look like crap, but then they have these really nice cars???
She had a nice car 1st and Kevin told me how much they pay for it….and whoa…its ALOT. NOW, he has a new car. Brand new.
Honestly, I want to go over and say "You need cars to match everything else in your life, OK?" Or at least mow you yard and fix up your house!! Sheesh. Maybe they need a lesson on well-rounded trashy-ness.

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