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Yes, folks. Predicted 1 inch of the slippery, yucky cold, wet stuff. BOOOOOO! (and GRRRRR, that’s from Coco.) It looks like we will be spending our weekend at home.

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Well, here is our final post about our “attempted” camping trip this weekend. Notice I say attempted because here is what happened……

I know that something is not right mommy. I smell the air……

Those clouds do not look good for our trip…….evilclouds.jpg

Ummm, well, after sitting the car for an hour waiting for the rain to end this what we drove home in……..

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He Swims

This post is dedicated to our favorite non-swimming boxer friend Cario. See ANYTHING is possible…….

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Mommy, I think there is a fishy down there!! I see it! I see it!! May I eat it??

Maybe it is the fishy I am jumping on here…..

I believe I am doing much better at this swimming thing. Mommy is such a good helper.

Stay tuned for another post about Charlie’s swimming and Part III of the lake trip……Coming soon to a blog near you!!!!

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We have so many pictures of Coco swimming I figured we would share some ones of her, NOT. So here is what Coco does at the lake when she is not swimming, which is rare……

My Dad carries me, which I did not like….

Seagulls are not bright birds, they let me get VERY close to them and then I chase them!!!

No, I did not dig this pit. But I found it and claimed it as mine. It was quite muddy and cool.

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We had a good weekend

What an awesome weekend. Doggie and undoggie related events. I got a pool and it was played in a little bit, but Charlie was most interested in the fact that I took his toy chicken outside….go figure. That night we (Me, Kevin, Alex, Shelby, Coco and Charlie; for those who don't know Alex is Kevins son and Shelby is his niece) had an outside party, took funny pictures of each other and played stupid little word games. It was a beautiful night and me and the dogs sat on a blanket on the ground and watched shooting stars!!!
Monday we took Alex and Shelby to this amusment place that has laser tag, putt-putt golf and go-karts. Weeeee! We did everything but the putt-putt…it was just too hot. I love go-karting….except when Kevin tried to run me off the road!! I also got to play Skee-Ball. Hey Joe and Daddy, if your reading my blog……remeber Skee-Ball at the Fun Factory? All those stupid stuffed animals we used to win. Still love Skee-Ball!!!
Then we came home and just sat around. Kevin took and nap and me and Alex headed out to the backyard with the camera, the radio, and 2 doggies. Charlie finally played in the pool and Coco just lay around the yard. Lazy Girly.
All in all it was a pretty non-eventful weekend but just nice and relaxing.
For those who read my blog in KC…..See you…not this weekend….but next weekend. Me and Coco will be coming down for our 4th annual dog run!!

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