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Oh my….did you think we forgot? Nope…just been busy the past week or so. But today we bring you #8……..WALKING!! (Or running, based on what your human perfers.) We LOVE to walk! As you can see we are not the ONLY dogs that feel this way! Yep most certainly this is #8!!



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Here comes #9 for all our readers………

9. TOYS!!!! And SO many great toys to chose from. And we have ALOT……

Getting all my toys out to play!

Opening a new toy (STEAK THAT SQUEAKS!!) on my birthdaychargift.jpg

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Brought to you by Charlie and Coco…..A new feature of our blog. Charlie and Coco will count down the top ten reasons they are glad to be dogs!!!
Today we start with #10……….
We never have to worry about what we wear!!
Built in fur coats rock!! Although a little warm in the summer, we are never left wondering what looks best!! Thankfully we were blessed with very pretty fur! Our mommy does dress us in silly things sometimes but we don’t mind!!!


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